FRIDAY JANUARY 22, 2020 | 7:00 PM HKT
SATURDAY JANUARY 23, 2020 | 10:00 AM HKT

“Live Online”

We are thrilled to be back in Hong Kong and wishing you all an upcoming Happy New Year of the Ox! This is always one of the most exciting times in Asia, and we enthusiastically bring you one last sale before the Year of the Ox on Friday and Saturday, January 22nd and 23rd. It is a pleasure to welcome back Jean-Louis Chave, who brings us an exceptional, Domaine-direct consignment from his heralded cellars in the Northern Rhone. We’re exploring a new format this time around, with the first session of the sale online only on Friday night, warming us up for the second session all day on Saturday. While none of our four features are on Night 1 of the auction, there are more than a few standout selections, so make sure you tune in! France’s big three then provide ample entertainment for the evening, as young bottles of Roumier, DRC, Dujac, Krug, and more make way for a bevy of Bordeaux from several consignors. Be it a 2005 horizontal survey by the caseload from Haut Brion, Lafite, Latour, imposing Imperials from the likes of 1995 Angelus and Trotanoy, or even prestigious parcels from Cheval Blanc, Ausone, and La Mission, Bordeaux is back, baby! This is a great first session, so bid with us “live online” on Friday, January 22nd at 7pm HKT! Day two begins with an exceptional collection of Bordeaux and DRC from the Estate of Doctor James Tait Goodrich in Lots 467-606. A true humanitarian and innovative surgeon who passed away last year, Dr. Goodrich began collecting in the 1970s while he and his wife Judy lived in California, later moving their wines to New York into a custom, temperature-controlled home cellar. Bordeaux is the backbone of Dr. Goodrich’s collection, and, if you are going to have only one Burgundy producer, you might as well have the very best with DRC! The Doctor made his favorites known, and from Bordeaux, he sought out Cos d’Estournel, Lafite, Latour, Montrose, Mouton, Petrus, and more! A short and sweet interlude from DRC, delivers us a 1990 Assortment, full cases of 1985 La Tache and Richebourg, and selection of Romanee Conti stretching back to 1961! All in all, a wonderful selection of perfectly mature Bordeaux and DRC that you want to read and reread, a testament to a lifetime of collecting and the shrewd eye of the wonderful Doctor Goodrich. It is a pleasure to present an encore performance, in Lots 685-868, from a collector whose years on Wall Street and at Japan’s top financial firms have honed his eye (and his sources) for the best Bordeaux and Burgundy. Ausone, Lafleur, Petrus, and Rousseau charm us before 47 lots from The Domaine drop the hammer for DRC. Burgundian beauty beckons with marvelous offerings from Dujac, Roumier, Meo, Coche-Dury, Ramonet, and more, before a finely fluted interlude brings us the best bubbles from Bollinger Francaises VV, Cristal, and Krug in all its iterations! Then, it is our great pleasure and privilege to welcome another direct consignment from the cellars of Domaine Jean-Louis Chave in Lots 887-914! Domaine Jean-Louis Chave is one of the finest and oldest Domaines in the world, over five centuries old. Living for and from the vines since the 15th century, the Chave family is the essence of tradition in Hermitage, and it is pointless to try to understand their wines without understanding Hermitage itself. As Jean-Louis says, “L’Hermitage is our Grand Cru, and it has made me what I am today.” L’Hermitage must always be a blend, a “Vin d’Assemblage.” The Chave family has been defending this notion for years. Each vintage brings its own unique philosophy and blend. In some years, there are now two visions for the vintage to take. Cuvée Cathelin represents a singular idea of the greatest of vintages, where there is more than one expression that speaks to the Chaves. As part of this spectacular offering direct from the Domaine’s cellar, we are offering every vintage ever released of Cuvée Cathelin, as well as extremely rare magnums and Jeroboams that are not commercially available. We are also pleased to offer OWCs of Hermitage Rouge in three iconic vintages, in addition to magnums back to 1988 and Jeroboams of 1999, 2000, and 2001. Lest we not forget their spectacular Hermitage Blanc, we have a vertical and magnums. We even have the rarely made and extremely hard-to-find Chave dessert wine, Hermitage Vin de Paille! It is an honor to present to you again wines from the King of the Hill of Hermitage, Jean-Louis Chave! In such an exceptional sale, there is no more fitting conclusion than another missive from the massive collection of the Golden Phoenix in Lots 944-1134. The wines on offer have recently emerged from the depths of his professional storage, where they have been largely lying since being purchased on release. Bordeaux looms large with all the best names, though special mention must be made for the array of Le Pin, Pomerol’s original luxury cuvee. D’Auvenay Bonnes Mares begin Leroy’s lavish lot list, crowned by 1991 Musigny, a full case of 2001 Romanee St. Vivant, and rare cases of Meursault and Puligny. Big bottle Rhone comes next, from the likes of Beaucastel, Pegau, and Chapoutier, before Champagne refreshes from Krug and Salon. This is absolutely a WOW collection that will leave your jaw dropped as you turn page after page, so rise up as well and bid! We so look forward to ringing in the New Year and beginning the Year of the Ox with another strong sale in Hong Kong on Friday, January 22nd and Saturday, January 23rd.

Ex-Chateau Lafite & Finest Burgundy

This action-packed collection of nearly 100 lots comes to us from one of Asia’s highly successful businessman in the past quarter century. He has also been a discerning yet understated collector of many of life’s pleasures including, most importantly, wine! His storage reflects his exacting standards, and every bottle has been stored in ideal environments.

This is a spectacular selection of the finest and rarest wines introduced by three formats of 1989 Haut Brion. Lafite Rothschild collectors should pay very special attention to thirteen OWC lots of Lafite Rothschild from the largest direct sale ever from the Chateau itself held in March of 2019, going back to 1969 and highlighted by the 1975, 1983, 1996, 2000 and 2003 vintages with several large formats!!! The rollcall of outstanding Bordeaux continues with 2000 Lafleur, 1982 Latour magnums, 2015 Mouton, 2005 and 2015 Petrus. Six bottles of 1999 Rousseau Chambertin set the Burgundy table properly for a sweet sixteen lots of DRC highlighted by 2003 La Tache and 2009 Romanee Conti! Incredibly coveted and elegant Musigny continues to unfurl Grand Cru grace with four vintages each of rarest Leroy and Roumier Musigny followed admirably by 1985, 1986 and 1995 Henri Jayer Cros Parantoux.

Six lots of Coche-Dury turn the stage white for four lots of Lafon Montrachet, a brace of d’Auvenay Chevalier and 2005 DRC Montrachet in bottle and magnum! Burgundy still means business!!! Eight great lots of Dom Perignon going back to 1969 usher in exultant Champagnes such as 2002 Krug Clos du Mesnil, a couple of Cristals, 1996 and 2002 Salon. We wash it all down with multiple lots of 1994 and 2004 Vega Sicilia Unico. Once again, we are incredibly honored once again to offer a delectable selection from one of our most important and respected clients!!! It doesn’t get any better than this! All wines removed from professional storage.

The Four Seasons of French Wines

It is always a great pleasure to welcome back this prodigious collector who has been featured before in our Grande Fete de Bourgogne as well as many other important auctions. He comes through in a big, big way with more than 169 exciting selections from his cavernous cellar. This collector is a true Burgundy connoisseur, but his interests and taste span the world of fine wine.

He always aims for the top of the pyramid with a whirlwind tour of the best of the best, both young and old, and always from the Four Seasons of French wine: Bordeaux, Rhone, Champagne and, of course, Burgundy! He also invites guests to stay from Germany, Italy, Spain and California in this most comprehensive offering. Bordeaux begins with beauties both young and old such as 2005 Ausone, 1989 Haut Brion, 2000 Lafleur magnums, 1961 Latour a Pomerol, 1982 Leoville las Cases and 1953 Margaux! Then Burgundy kicks things up a notch with 1985 Rousseau Beze, 2002 Dugat Griottes, and six lots of Vogue including 1993 Musigny. Comte Liger-Belair continues his ascent to Burgundy’s pinnacle with eighteen lots crested by four vintages each of Echezeaux and La Romanee. The roll call of outstanding Burgundy continues with 2005 DRC RSV, 2002 Clos de Tart, nine lots of Leroy including a full case of 1999 Clos Vougeot, 2002 Rouget Echezeaux magnum, seventeen lots of Fourrier, ten vintages of Roumier Bonnes Mares going back to 1993, 1995 Jayer Cros Parantoux magnum, four vintages of Drouhin Musigny, 2010 Ponsot Clos de la Roche and 2005 Truchot Charmes!!

Seventeen lots of Roulot dominate White Burgundy with large formats of his newest Grand Crus in the forefront, accompanied by selections from Coche-Dury, Domaine Leflaive and Marquis de Laguiche. 1989 Rayas leads us to cases of Guigal La Las while a magnum of 1929 Bollinger dials back the clock to Champagne hour for Krug Clos d’Ambonnay and Clos du Mesnil back to 1988. Several los of JJ Prum going back to 1949 sweeten things for sojourns in Italy and Spain while several Sine Qua Non takes us home. There is tremendous depth and diversity here that you want to read and reread! All wines removed from multiple professional storage accounts thanks to this great connoisseur!

Spectacular Bordeaux and Burgundy from the Man with the Midas Touch

The largest and most featured collection in this auction has been anointed “The Man with the Midas Touch” as it comes from a gentleman who turns everything that he touches into gold whether it be wine, business or sport! In his younger halcyon days, he was quite the successful athlete with a deep love of all sports. After being introduced to wine by a restauranteur friend in 1996, his sporting passion became vinous and continued its golden ways as he pursued all things associated with the good grape. He demonstrated his Midas Touch by inventing one of the most innovative products of our time and became a tremendously successful businessman. This success enabled him to amass a massive collection of the world’s greatest wines as well as owning several restaurants with solid gold ratings. His passion for wine led to many winery visits along the yellow brick road in France, especially in the regions of his two particular passions, Bordeaux and Burgundy. Among his other gentlemanly pursuits, he indulges in the sport of kings and owns numerous quality racehorses. Always the first to give back, The Man with the Midas Touch is highly involved in several Hong Kong charity organizations. Wine legends of the 20th century that are the gold standard abound in this collection, and we are greatly honored to offer more than 400 selections from his spectacular cellar.

Bordeaux is the first region to shine that Midas Touch, and we have over 200 lots from the region crowned by iconic wines of the last century including 1947 and 1949 Cheval Blanc in magnum, 1961 Haut Brion, 1961 l’Evangile, 1955 La Mission, 1900 Margaux and 1982 Lafleur as well as 1945s from Ausone, Mouton, Palmer and Petrus! Wait until you see the pictures of some of these bottles! 1982 was a gold star, benchmark vintage that changed Bordeaux as well as the entire wine world, and of course The Man with the Midas Touch accordingly has a robust cavalcade of 1982s from Canon, Cheval Blanc, Figeac, Gruaud Larose, Haut Brion, La Mission, Lafite, Leoville Las Cases, Margaux, Mouton, Pichon Lalande and Trotanoy with most in case quantity as well as large formats! The golden carpet of Bordeaux royalty continues with 1990 Clinet, 1961 l’Arrosee magnums, 2000 La Clusiere, 1989 Conseillante, 1995 Latour, 1979 Le Pin (first vintage!), 1989 Lynch Bages, 1990 Margaux, 1990 Montrose, 1989 Pichon Baron and 1959 Trotanoy.

Red Burgundy goes from gold to more gold with the best of the best and 140 lots! Over half of them are from The Domaine, as The Man with the Midas Touch has 72 lots of none other than Domaine de la Romanee Conti! All DRC’s golden Grand Crus are well represented in quantity and quality along with increasingly rare large formats. Echezeaux gets first crack with sixteen lots spanning 1988 to 2014 and Grands Echezeaux aggrandizes eleven lots. La Tache unfurls the peacock’s tail with nine selections arching over 1990 to 2014, and we continue seventeen lots of Richebourg chronicling the many highly successful turn of the century vintages. Romanee Conti put the Romanee Conti into Romanee Conti going all the way back to the rarest and most cherished bottle in the entire sale - an extremely rare Jeroboam of the legendary 1959 with outstanding provenance and pedigree! Serious inquiries only for this one! We cannot forget the bottles of 1978 and 1990 DRC RC, of course. Romanee St. Vivant rounds up the DRC golden tape parade with fifteen lots going back to 1978 including a full case of 1995 and two cases of 1996!!! The golden roll call of fantastic fine Red Burgundy continues with seven lots of Rousseau, highlighted by 1990s from Chambertin, Beze and Clos St. Jacques, and Vogue takes us all the way back to 1955! Henri Jayer, the immensely influential dean of Red Burgundy, joins the joust with five vintages of Cros Parantoux: 1987, 1990, 1991, 1996 and 1998. There are many more highlights, almost too many to mention, but we also shine the spotlight on 1937 Clos des Lambrays, 2010 Comte Liger-Belair La Romanee, 1999 Leroy Richebourg, 1985 Dujac Clos St. Denis magnum, 1995 Roumier Bonnes Mares, 1966 Drouhin Clos de Beze, 1962 La Romanee and 2005 Truchot Charmes amongst many other delicious Burgundies.

Over 40 lots of White Burgundy provide a fitting golden foil with eight lots of Bonneau du Martray back to 1989, 2005 Bouchard Montrachet, ten selections of Comte Lafon crested by 2010 Montrachet, 1997 d’Auvenay Criots, eight lots of Domaine Leflaive highlighted by 1989 Batard and 1986 Chevalier, 1978 Ramonet Batard, 1986 and 1988 DRC Montrachet. Guigal gilts the Rhone roundup headlined by 1983 La Landonne, 1976 La Mouline and 1989 La Turque and is joined by 1990 Chave, 2003 Clos des Papes, 1961 and 1990 La Chapelle. Bollinger brings the shiny bubbles with several James Bond limited editions followed by six lots of Dom Perignon back to 1955 as we spice things up with 1961 Monfortino, 1998 Masseto and 1998 Grange. All in all, this a spectacular collection of more than four hundred lots thanks to “The Man with The Midas Touch,” a true gentleman and great wine connoisseur, indeed!

Incredible Top Lots from LXXXII

With the holiday season in full swing and little time left before our last auction of 2020 begins, now is the time to treat yourself to the top lots in Acker’s final “live online” sale of the Bicentennial year! The catalogue is bursting with Burgundy from DRC, Leroy, Comte Liger-Belair, and Rousseau. There’s Bordeaux young and old from the likes of Haut Brion, Mouton, and more! Get ready to celebrate the new year with 109-year-old Champagne from Moet & Chandon, purchased ex-Domaine nine years ago and properly stored ever since—a chance to taste history! This year has given us extra reason to celebrate so buy now and buy big! There’s a little time left to place your bids, so act fast!

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